Absence Management

Absence Management Services in London and new areas

Our absence management services are designed to benefit both businesses and employees. When an individual has been absent from work for an extended period of time, we will ensure that positive relationship with the employee is maintained through regular consultations. Reports will be submitted to the employer detailing the employees progress and current situation.

 Insight Occupational Health is based in London. Get in touch with us for more details.

In addition to our absence management services, you can also rely on us for Wellbeing and Health Promotion services for your company.
Assisting employees

Assisting employees

Should an employee have spent an extended period of time off work, our occupational health experts will evaluate the situation in its entirety. We can talk with the employee, and assess their fitness to rehabilitate them back into the work environment.

We will cover everything within our absence management services including:
Confidential Service
Assess Medical and Psychological Fitness
Rehabilitation and Workplace Adjustment Advice

Whether it's a matter of installing special equipment at work, or arranging a phased return, we have all the knowledge and experience required to do so effectively. Our goal is to get people back to work in a way that suits everybody.
Sickness management

Sickness management

We provide you with an invaluable assessment for line managers and HR, which make sickness evaluation possible. Physical and psychological problems can be evaluated, and this offers a range of benefits, including:
We can also arrange evaluations from work site or home a visit if necessary
Flexibility in appointments. Faster arrangements at any time of day or evening
Telephone consultations at 25% discount
Management reports can be sent within 12 hours of consultation with employee
For both large and small firms, with Insight Occupational Health, you can access sickness management services designed to keep your business running smoothly.

Insight Occupational Health will:

  • Obtain Information of Sickness Absence and Prognosis
  • Any underlying Medical Conditions and Risk of further absence
  • Fitness to Return to Work
  • Reasonable Adjustments advised
  • Any further information
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Insight Occupational Health offers comprehensive absence management services. We operate throughout throughout London, Edinburgh, the Midlands and Nationwide.
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